Technologies and Innovations for the Electronics sector

We search for the best technologies to propose to our customers so that they can obtain the best competitive advantages through our value innovations.

High-tech systems for the electronics industry

Over thirty-five years of experience in the distribution of high-tech capital goods.

Unique systems with state-of-the-art technology to make your business even more efficient and productive.

Jo-Tech 4.0

Jo-Tech is organised to offer a complete service to all customers purchasing a 4.0 system for tax credit purposes.

  • Verification of eligibility requirements
  • Documentary analysis
  • Provision of connection software and implementation in the existing business system
  • Our solutions are all compatible with Industry 4.0 requirements

Our Partners

Discover the exclusive brands we offer and how they can make a difference in your electronics business. Seleziona l’applicazione o l’attività di tuo interesse per trovare la tecnologia più adatta alle tue esigenze.

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Food World

High-tech systems for the food industry

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