Artificial Intelligence software solutions to automate visual inspection processes


Neurality offers an Artificial Intelligence-based software solution that can automate the quality control process in all sectors. Imagine forgetting the part of QC that is done manually by operators today because it is automatic. Neurality takes care of it, even faster. It detects product/packaging non-conformities, analyses anomalies and specifically classifies the types of defects detected. Today it is widely used in both the Agrifood and Packaging worlds, but we are sure that it is destined to grow further.

The QC activity is performed through a slim dataset of compliant product images and in less than two minutes, performa training that makes the platform ready to go. The difference from competitors is obvious: any unforeseen non-conformities cannot be overlooked. This eventuality often stems from the focus on the idea of cataloguing all possible defects of a given product, which distracts from a global vision guaranteed in this case by Artificial Intelligence.

Working on compliant products is the reason why time is extremely short. It is two minutes as opposed to the weeks required by the more traditional modus operandi. Furthermore, the software can be customised to the customer’s needs, including integration with camera systems already in place. Efficiency is guaranteed even in critical light conditions and other aspects that can affect visual work.

Why choose Neurality

  • accurate and constantly improving diagnoses
  • instant and personalized detailed reports
  • flexible platform
  • very short implementation times
  • consistent and reliable results
  • fast analysis time
  • useful information to reduce costs and improve production processes

Are you interested in Neurality?

Request information without obligation. By filling in the form, you will immediately have access to the general presentation of the brand to learn in detail how its technologies work. You can also select other brands to receive further information.

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