Bactiscope – Bactiscan instantaneous bacterial and biofilm vision system


EIT International is a leading company in the research, development and supply of eco-friendly and non-invasive detection systems and preventive controls for the food, nutraceutical and pharma-medical sectors. In particular, they are the two most innovative solutions: Bactiscan™ and Bactiscope™. Both systems are extremely unique and allow operators to instantly detect any bacterial contamination from Escherichia coli, Listeria and Salmonella. All thanks to UV light sources with 4 different wavelengths to instantly identify the areas that host bacteria and biofilm.

  • Bactiscan™: an exclusive system that allows any operator to instantly identify areas contaminated by bacteria such as E.coli – Listeria – Salmonella and all situations where Biofilm can be created. It uses an innovative lighting technology which, through 4 different UV lights with different wavelengths at high intensity, allows the instant identification of contaminants otherwise invisible with standard light or traditional UV light.
  • Bactiscope™: a unique system used for the instant detection of the presence of Biofilm or Bacteria in pipes and other difficult to access areas. Reliable, portable and safe to handle, it uses UV light sources with 4 different wavelengths – environmentally friendly – to instantly identify areas harboring bacterial contaminants such as E.coli, Listeria and Salmonella in pipes and other areas of difficult access to production lines and processing sites. EIT International’s Bactiscope™ inspection camera allows you to inspect and locate areas normally inaccessible for standard cleaning and inspection protocols. Basically, Bactiscope™ is a miniature camera, or probe, on a flexible cable that can be maneuvered into awkward areas such as pipes or behind hard-to-reach areas.

Complete surface illumination

New lighting technology for instant verification of the presence of bacteria on the surface. The simultaneous combination of 4 different high intensity UV lights with alternating wavelengths and different spectral frequencies instantly makes the protective layer of the bacterial protein shell “fluorescent” and visible, with a green colour, thus making it possible to immediately identify the areas contaminated.

Bacterial Microcompartments (BMCs)

The walls of the bacterial proteins “hit” by the combination of lights emitted by the BactiscanTM, react by emitting a refraction of green light that the operator sees instantly, reducing the number of samples and ATP tests (adenosine triphosphate test) to verify surface contamination .

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