High volume steam and vacuum mixers and cookers


Leader in the production of innovative mixing and chopping technologies, Inotec is an established company in the sector, also thanks to its tying machines for food processing. Since 2020 it has been taken over by the Handtmann group, specializing in bagging and portioning systems, helping to expand its range of services. Inotec’s technologies are renowned and researched above all by industries and companies in the various types of food sector (meat, fish, sweets, pasta and bread products, dairy, vegetarian and vegan, gastronomy, pet food), cosmetics, dental silicone storage and tobacco.

The jewel in the crown of the brand is Variomix, an innovative and patented reverse spiral mixing system and inverter speed control characterized by automatic binding, separation and declipping technology which helps to demonstrate Inotec’s maximum competence in the design of production lines for the food industry. It can be managed through special integrated programs or totally customized depending on the processing, establishing the direction of rotation and relative speed of each spiral, supporting continuous rhythms without any problem thanks to the use of the highest quality materials.

Why choose Inotec machinery

  • cutting-edge machinery in terms of technologies and functionality
  • maximum efficiency even in harsh and continuous industrial conditions thanks to high quality components
  • rapid mixing times and delicate preparations that do not compromise food
  • maximum homogeneity and minimum quantity of food residues
  • extremely rapid unloading
  • individual customization of components (e.g. spirals) in speed and direction of rotation

Are you interested in Inotec?

Request information without obligation. By filling in the form, you will immediately have access to the general presentation of the brand to learn in detail how its technologies work. You can also select other brands to receive further information.

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