Cutter, mixer, indirect steam cooker with patented “all in one” vacuum


Qbo is an advanced working system from Roboqbo capable of steaming up to 125°C , cooling down to 10°C with +/- 0.5°C accuracy, cutting (cutter/mixer), refining down to 20 microns, homogenising, pulverising, concentrating, mixing, kneading any type of fresh or frozen food product using vacuum technology in all processes.

Working with Qbo means reducing all production processes into a single production cycle automatically, being able to customise them according to your needs. It adapts to all formulas and recipes, but that is not the only quality that makes it a versatile system. Thanks to the special software, it can be monitored and managed with ease. Furthermore, formulas can be stored and replicated.

It is much more than a piece of equipment: Qbo is a compact, easy-to-use and extremely fast production laboratory that produces excellent results. By heating each individual particle through direct contact with the radiating surface, there is no overexposure to heat. The low temperature preserves the quality of the raw materials. And in addition to the reduced thermal impact, it guarantees maximum precision: in fact, temperature control is +/- 0.3°C.

Qbo is the first and only universal system that integrates an entire philosophy of food processing into a single machine, to maintain the organoleptic properties of food, preserve its nutritional principles and enhance its aromas, flavours and colours as never before. This is possible because it works in vacuum: air is extracted before and during each process, eliminating oxidation and protecting every raw material involved in the formula.


  • Confectionery, Chocolate, Ice Cream, Gastronomy, Canning, Ready Meals, Dairy, Cosmetics, Herbal, Pharmaceutical
  • Laboratories, Catering/Catering, Farms, Processors, SMEs and Industry
  • Concentration processes carried out in minutes, saving hours compared to traditional systems – Self-washing and sanitising system – Basculant basket and automated ejection system for fluid and semi-fluid products
  • Unparalleled processing and every stage of production is fully automatic for safe, repeatable and qualitatively superior processes / INDUSTRIA 4.0 COMPLIANT

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