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Thanks to specialized skills in real-time 3D computed tomography based on X-rays and our sophisticated self-reconstruction software, Biotech has developed a new 3D scanning solution capable of analyzing the inside of food packages in detail. The Italian company’s machinery and software are synonymous with quality and innovation in support of food companies and fruit and vegetable cooperatives. In particular, inspection solutions help eliminate waste within the production chain. Biotech’s cutting-edge technologies constitute a valid aid for those who produce and distribute food and are essential to guarantee maximum safety of their products and protect their brand reputation.

Why choose Biometic

  • Detection of foreign bodies
  • Counting the number of components in a product and products in packages and product shortages
  • Determination of volume and weight
  • Identification of non-compliant products
  • Measurement and control of the filling and distribution level
  • Identification of damaged packaging and non-compliant sealing

Are you interested in Biometic?

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Food World

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