Patented non-thermal liquid pasteurization system using UV-C


Lyras is a Danish company located in Jutland, founded with the desire to prove that cold, sustainable pasteurisation is possible.

Raslysation‘ is the name of the patented technology developed by Lyras to achieve a non-thermal process for treating a wide range of liquids. The technology works by combining a turbulent flow path with ultraviolet light sources to eliminate unwanted microorganisms in liquids and extend the shelf life of the final product. As with traditional pasteurisation, the intent of the technology is to destroy or inactivate microorganisms, with an added advantage over other solutions in terms of energy efficiency, reduced consumption of water, chemicals, process time and cleaning, and significant carbon dioxide savings.

Raslysation stands for:

  • RAS – The founder, Rasmus Mortensen
  • LYS – The Danish word for light
  • ACTION – Noun suffix meaning a process or action.

The technology uses germicidal UV lamps to effectively inactivate a wide range of microorganisms, including heat-resistant bacteria, endospores, yeasts and fungi. The lamps emit a range of wavelengths, but in particular the wavelength of 254 nm is required for the inactivation of microorganisms. At this specific wavelength, pyrimidine dimers are formed in the DNA, rendering microorganisms unable to reproduce and repair themselves. The result is microbiological inactivation and cell death.

DNA structure: before and after

With regard to the deactivation of microorganisms, let us look in detail at what happens when UV light intervenes.

tecnologie macchinari lyras

Pyrimidine cross-linking dimer: altered metabolism and replication resulting in cell death


  • Up to 90% energy reduction
  • Up to 60% water reduction
  • Less chemicals and cleaning
  • Higher uptime
  • Lower OPEX
  • More simplicity
  • More control and consistency
  • Gentler product handling
  • Fully scalable
  • No risk of cross-contamination
tecnologia lyras

Luce UV

Dimero di reticolazione pirimidina

Alterazione del metabolismo e della replicazione con conseguente morte cellulare

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