Microwave and radio frequency systems for cooking, pasteurization, drying, sanitization, defrosting


Sairem has been a company specialized for over 43 years in the creation of both MW (microwave) and RF (radio frequency) systems. The systems are designed and manufactured entirely within the modern factory in Lyon, France and stand out for their innovation. In fact, the brand is a world leader in industrial microwave and radio frequency applications, with more than 5000 machines in operation in 70 countries.


From the 200W standalone solid state generator to the fully automated processing line delivering 700kW, the most advanced range of industrial microwave and radio frequency equipment for heat treatment and plasma generation is offered by Sairem systems today.

In recent years, the French company’s technologies have found use in various food sectors for various main applications, such as pasteurization, cooking, drying, defrosting, sanitization, sterilization, extracts, etc.

The over 5000 Sareim brand machines currently in operation around the world are used for multiple activities, such as:

  • for heating and drying for food and industry
  • for plasma generation
  • for heating R&D laboratories
  • for industrial microwave generators
  • for solid-state high-power microwave generators (SSPG)
  • for industrial radio frequency generators
  • industrial DC power supplies


  • significant reduction in process times
  • small dimensions of the machinery
  • significant extension of shelf life
  • important energy savings
  • increase in quality while maintaining the organoleptic properties, color and aromas of the treated foods unaltered
  • applicable on any shape and size of container (glass, plastic, paper, cardboard) and type of batch process, on conveyor belt or in flow (continuous flow, exclusive patent)

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