We search for the best technologies

For 35 years, we have marketed the world’s best manufacturers of machinery, industrial plants and technology solutions for the sectors of printed circuit board production, electronic board assembly, chemical photo etching, contact surface cleaning and technology systems for the food industry.

We are researchers of excellent technologies and products: offering our customers the best solutions to increase their competitiveness and efficiency is the secret of our success and growth.

JO-TECH pays particular attention to customer satisfaction and environmental issues, objectives for which it has established a careful company policy to identify procedures for achieving them.

Precisely because of this, JO-TECH has optimised its operations according to the standards for Certification   ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015.

Our Mission

Search and Selection

Our focus has always been on the search for the best technologies and the most suitable solutions for customers thanks to a careful and professional work with partner companies and customers, creating a long-term relationship of trust with both.

Always at your side

Our work begins with the study of the customer's needs and the identification of the most congenial solutions, through to sales, pre-acceptance of systems, installation, training, commissioning and final acceptance of the jointly agreed systems.

Our journey


Ronald and Eric Jon Tonel set up their own company to sell industrial machinery in the electronics sector in Italy as agents and distributors of the world’s leading plant manufacturers. This is also thanks to the experience gained from years of work at his father’s company ‘JON- TONEL’, established in 1967.


From the aeronautics sector Nicola Vivanet entered the world of electronics and in particular the PCB industry as Sales Director of a historic chemical process equipment company for the production of printed circuit boards founded in 1953.


Ronald Jon Tonel also developed his business throughout Southern Europe, creating a sales network with agents and
Local distributors and set up a new company in France.


After more than 23 years of experience in the electronics and printed circuit board industry, selling industrial machinery from the world’s leading manufacturers, brothers Eric and Ronald Jon-Tonel together with Nicola Vivanet decided to combine passion and expertise. As a result of decades of mutual collaboration, they created together a company in which they could concentrate their many years of experience and market knowledge of their customers and partners with whom they work successfully.

Food World


With the same passion that characterised the business in the electronics sector, a working group exclusively dedicated to the FOOD sector was created within the company this year.

In this sector too, we have researched and found highly innovative solutions and technologies with unique features.