Machinery, software and services for printed circuit board (PCB) and organic substrate manufacturers, photovoltaic (PV) and energy storage industries


For over 160 years, the German company Schmid has boasted countless productions and successes in the global markets of electronics, photovoltaics, energy efficiency, energy storage and intralogistics. Considered a world leader for wet process lines for the preparation of printed circuits and other electrical components with hundreds of lines installed at the main European PCB manufacturers and throughout the world, it offers a range of system and process solutions capable of guaranteeing reduced production costs and an increase in the efficiency of the final products.

In the PCB sector, Schmid is able to satisfy every need relating to wet processes, from chemical preparation to dry film development, from etching to stripping, from direct to electrolytic metallization up to the mechanical processes of brushing and pumicing of the printed circuits.

In the photovoltaic and glass sector, the Schmid solution range includes individual machines for the production of wafers, cells and modules as well as turnkey production lines and complete factory solutions.

​Thanks to the Schmid Technology Centers, it is possible to test customers’ products and validate lines even before production, another enormous strength: over 60 service technicians distributed in 7 locations around the world guarantee rapid and complete services to each customer.

​The production units in Freudenstatd in Germany and in Zhuhai in China enable great competitiveness and the most innovative solutions in the sector.

The two technology centers in Freudenstadt and Dunningen are always at work: the continuous technological research for innovative solutions is also accompanied by the opportunity reserved for customers and partners to carry out tests and experiments to discover how to achieve their goals together.

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