Galvanic, industrial washing, air and water treatment plants


With more than 30 years of experience in the sector, Caoduro is today an established reality, demonstrating reliability, punctuality and efficiency in the proposal of tailor-made solutions, in particular in the design, construction and delivery of equipment and plants practically everywhere. The Vicenza-based company’s strong point is its turnkey manual and automatic galvanic plants. There is no requirement that cannot be addressed, regardless of the sector and market in which the customer operates. Manufactured down to the smallest detail and using the latest technology, all plants are produced strictly in-house, from design to implementation. The service is not limited to this: Caoduro’s highly qualified staff proposes ad hoc solutions to improve production processes, production times, and the safety of galvanic plants together with financial and economic consulting through feasibility studies.

The types of galvanic plants available are as follows:

  • Automatic frame galvanic plants
  • Automatic totobarrel galvanic plants
  • Automatic arm and udylite galvanic plants
  • Manual galvanic plants
  • Special galvanic plants

Caoduro also offers the supply of individual components and customised technical material, and the modification and overhaul of existing systems. Respect for delivery times, quality of the finished product and prompt after-sales service are prerogatives of every project professionally handled by the Vicenza-based company. Without forgetting the feather in the cap of this magnificent technological reality made in Italy: the great speed of response to requests, from the commercial approach to after-sales service.


Caoduro is also engaged in the design and production of machines and systems for industrial washing (in particular ultrasonic machines and manual and automatic washing systems to carry out multiple treatments), water purification plants (chemical-physical plants, zero discharge plants for wet tumbling, resin plants for demineralisation, softening, selective, reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration plants, crystallisation plants for galvanic industry, vacuum evaporation plants for wastewater concentration atmospheric evaporation plants for solvent recovery, potabilisation plants, evaporators for the goldsmith’s sector, filter presses or vacuum filters for sludge dehydration), with scheduled maintenance and assistance services and complete and customised plants for process vapours and air treatment.

Caoduro manufactures both small-sized ultrasound machines and systems and complete manual and automatic washing systems to carry out multiple treatments (e.g. electrolytic degreasing, chemical degreasing, ultrasonic washing, dynamic washing, spray washing, pickling, etc.) useful for the most disparate sectors (furnishings, food, medical and healthcare, jewellery, household appliances, accessories and complements for the navy, doors and windows, mechanics and accessories for industry, automotive, defense industry, aerospace, doors and windows).

Effective solutions that are particularly discussed today in terms of sustainability. Over numerous types of systems that can be created (chemical-physical systems, zero discharge systems for wet tumbling, resin systems for demineralization, softening, selective, reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration systems, crystallization systems for galvanic, vacuum evaporation systems for wastewater concentration , atmospheric evaporation systems for solvent recovery, water purification systems, evaporators for the goldsmith sector, filter presses or vacuum filters for sludge dehydration), Caoduro offers scheduled maintenance and assistance services, supply of products and spare parts in general for water treatment systems (control instruments processes, products, storage tanks, wastewater, etc.), laboratory analyzes and tests, modifications and expansions of existing systems, technical assistance.

Complete and customized systems for the treatment of process vapors; the expelled air is free of contaminants and complies with legal values. Caoduro responds to the needs of those who need a similar solution with systems equipped with standard vertical and horizontal scrubbers and with industrial polypropylene aspirators (they act as a connection between the galvanic systems and the scrubber).

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