Water treatment, osmosis and sludge plants


With more than one hundred plants installed in different sectors throughout Europe, Idros and Jo-Tech are able to study your needs for the treatment of production line chemicals to give you and the environment peace of mind while working in compliance with regulations and health.

Idros provides an all-round service, from design to turnkey implementation, through to after-sales technical assistance, offering a wide range of primary water and wastewater treatment plants with high-level technology and performance.

In particular:

Chemical-physical plants:

Thanks to its extraordinary know-how in the sector, Idros provides all the tools to tackle the main purification problems at industrial level and treat waste water from various production processes contaminated with heavy metals, cyanides and chromates, surfactants, nitrites, phosphates, oils, photopolymers and organic components with excellent results.

Ion exchange demineralisation plants

The ideal solution for a variety of sectors, from electronics and galvanising to pharmaceuticals, thermal power stations with steam or superheated water production, and paint shops. This plant is indispensable in contexts where natural water needs to be treated for use in industrial processes, a common occurrence if it is necessary to reduce the concentration of mineral salts. To remedy this, a demineralisation or ion exchange softening process can be used. The advantage of this plant is not limited to the production of low conductivity primary water for processing; ion exchange is also used for recirculating demineralisation of process water. This results in continuous recovery and high water savings.

Design and construction of reverse osmosis plants

Nowadays, the reverse osmosis water demineralisation and desalination process is one of the most effective and modern processes for separating salts and contaminants dissolved in water. This is one of the fields where Idros has the most experience, both in terms of design and construction. Water with a low salt content and low electrical conductivity is thus obtained by means of semipermeable membranes with a high efficiency and degree of separation, which act as molecular sieves capable of separating and removing the various physical and organic elements. Idros also employs the principle of reverse osmosis for the design and construction of ultrapure water production plants, generally used in the pharmaceutical, food and electronics industries.


In order to guarantee optimal energy yield, solar panels require adequate periodic cleaning; in fact, their operation can be compressed by the gradual deposition of atmospheric contaminants, resulting in a drop in energy produced. For this need, Idros has developed innovative systems for washing solar panels with osmosis water, a solution that not only solves the problem, but at the same time contributes to maintaining the efficiency of the panels constant over time.

The osmosis cleaners for washing solar panels are mounted on small, lightweight, easy-to-handle wheeled skids; the production of pure water enables rapid and perfect cleaning without the need for detergents. The compact osmosis water production systems support the washing of mirrored surfaces of solar panels; as the water is free of salts and limescale, no residue or halos remain after cleaning.

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