Mechanical and laser machines for drilling, milling, scoring, cutting printed circuit boards and semiconductors

Innovative automatic and manual machinery for printed circuits and semiconductors

LHMT, a company of the German Schmoll Group, a leading manufacturer of both mechanical and laser drilling and milling machinery, has been producing automatic and manual special machines for scoring and cutting in the printed circuit board and semiconductor industry since 2002. Its strength lies in the customisation of its products, which even includes robotic automation, image processing and the handling of sensitive surfaces in complex automation processes.

LHMT’s expertise together with JO-TECH’s expertise also allows them to integrate robotic systems to handle delicate and sensitive products within their production process. Thanks to LHMT’s systems, our customers can gain a competitive advantage by establishing themselves at the top end of the market and expanding their targets.

Why choose LHMT

  • maximum flexibility thanks to the possibility of customizing the products
  • robotic automation
  • image processing and management of sensitive surfaces in complex automation processes
  • compatibility with delicate and sensitive products
  • speed, accuracy, resistance, functionality
  • over 20 years of experience in the sector of industrial robotic systems for the production of printed circuits

Are you interested in LHMT?

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