Automatic optical control systems, direct exposure with laser systems, ink jet digital printing and software, CAM and Engineering systems for PCB design and production

The mission of our partner KLA-Orbotech, a company with offices all over the world, is to make production in the electronics industry smart and digital through continuous research and development for a better future.

As the first to market, Orbotech has managed to become a leader in its field, helping to transform the circuit board industry and enabling companies to begin the first of a series of optimisations in production. Faster production times and higher volumes helped to reduce costs and the steady decline in printed circuit board prices provided a further stimulus to the development of the electronics and computer industry worldwide.

To be a leading manufacturer of advanced electronic systems is our and Orbotech’s vision and to this day, the company still fulfils this role.

Thanks to its automatic optical control systems, direct exposure with laser systems, digital ink jet printing together with software algorithms and CAM and Engineering systems for the design and production of printed circuits, we can say that virtually every electronic device in the world it is produced using Orbotech systems.

The world of High-Tech has high criticality and is extremely attentive to problems, waste and errors. The speed of change is very rapid and Orbotech works to always meet the demands of its customers, helping them to minimize risks and achieve maximum reliability and their most ambitious goals. All thanks to 1700 employees including over 400 scientists and engineers engaged in the research and development of solutions and technologies to meet the long-term needs of electronics manufacturers and allow them to be competitive and successful in their specific markets.

The jewel in the crown of the Israeli company is also the Customer Support service present throughout the world with specialized technicians and spare parts warehouses capable of delivering the necessary parts in a very short time wherever our customers are.

Orbotech Neos™ Solder Mask Selective Printing
Orbotech Precise™ 800 Automatic Optical Shaping for opens & shorts

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