Contact cleaning systems for every flat surface before laminating, printing and varnishing


Teknek is a Scottish company (part of the ITW Group) and a world leader in the cleaning of all flat surfaces prior to laminating, printing, laminating and general processing requiring perfectly clean surfaces.

Teknek’s contact cleaning systems can be used in a variety of industries, increasing quality performance and dramatically reducing scrap, rework and non-conformance. They reduce contaminants and are suitable for cleaning in very different sectors. The areas of greatest interest are those where cleanliness and zero waste are a primary objective, from electronics to mechanical engineering, medical, specialty coatings, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, glass lamination and security papers, and many others. Proving that Teknek is the undisputed leader are the numbers themselves: there are over 40,000 of its cleaning systems worldwide.

Teknek designs and manufactures in-house the special elastomer rollers capable of removing particulate contaminants (dust, wires, flakes, etc.) and releasing them onto pre-cut adhesive rolls.
The Teknek rollers are capable of removing particles down to a size of a few microns, thus guaranteeing the perfect cleaning of the surface before each subsequent process.

Today Teknek presents the new patented NT rollers that together with the GAR (Gold Adhesive Rolls) guarantee extremely high dissipation of electrostatic charges.

Why choose Teknek machinery

  • world leader for contact cleaning of every flat surface before lamination, printing, lamination and other processes
  • versatile cleaning systems, suitable for multiple sectors
  • drastic reduction of waste, rework, contaminants and non-compliance with significant economic savings
  • over 40,000 Teknek cleaning systems worldwide
  • internal production of patented rollers that remove contaminating particulates (particles up to a size of a few microns)
  • very high dissipation of electrostatic charges

Are you interested in Teknek?

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