Hot Air Levelling systems for tin surface finishing of printed circuit boards

Pentagal has been designing and manufacturing tin surface finishing systems for printed circuit boards using Hot Air Levelling for over 30 years. The high quality materials used in the production of these machines, both manual and automatic, make the Pentagal range reliable solutions with outstanding finish flatness results.

In the 1980s, Penta’s hot-air levelling systems created much more pleasant and less stressful working conditions for the operator because they were built as a compact system. As a result, noise and fumes could be isolated. With its first diagonal hot-air levelling system, Pentagal set standards worldwide. Innovation, user and customer orientation, highest quality, space-saving and non-pollution were Pentagal’s goals. On this basis, the vertical hot air levelling system was created, followed by the world’s first automatic vertical hot air levelling system.

Innovation, dedication and attention to customer needs, high quality and respect for the environment are the main goals of this company, which together with JO-TECH holds the national Hot Air Levelling market.

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