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Carlo Migliavacca is a historical company that has been designing and manufacturing since 1875 a wide range of dosing machines and pumps for mixed products with large chunks in suspension, both delicate and liquid and pasty with high viscosity, in various types of containers, different in terms of material, size and volume (e.g. tubes, tubs, tinplate and/or aluminium metal cans, flexible bags and pouches, buckets, glass jars and bottles, rigid plastic containers. All in full respect of the grain size of the products in pieces.

The Carlo Migliavacca company is one of the oldest in Parma. The mechanical workshop was started in 1875; in 1936 it registered the first patent for a thermo-dosing machine for canned tomato paste. The original hot-filling machine was initially used for filling tinned milk. The Migliavacca company succeeded in refining it for the perfect filling of tomato cans, equipping it with a tank that contained the tomato paste coming out of the bubbles together with an innovative dosing mechanism that transferred the right amount and weight of product into the cans.

To this day, Carlo Migliavacca boasts the production of state-of-the-art automatic and semi-automatic dosing machines, guaranteed by a long experience and know-how in the food industry gained over more than one hundred years of history. The Italian company’s technology allows for accurate dosing of delicate and large-sized products, while maintaining organoleptic properties and the correct proportion of suspended parts. Examples are sauces, sauces, jams, vegetable pâtés, dressings, mayonnaise, marmalades and fruit jams.

Carlo Migliavacca machinery

  • Piston volumetric dosing and filling machines: A wide range of automatic piston volumetric dosing and filling machines ideal for accurate dosing, enjoying maximum versatility (in terms of both product types and possible formats and packaging), with dosing stations designed to minimise mechanical handling of the food product (indispensable in order to keep the organoleptic properties intact), easily interchangeable dispensers (they have different shapes, to be chosen according to the type of product to be processed) and micrometric adjustment at the base of the electric motors, which guarantees maximum precision and a mechanically predetermined volume.
  • Semi-automatic dosing machines: semi-automatic volumetric mechanical dosing machines that guarantee maximum respect for the granulometry of the products in pieces. These machines also feature specially designed dosing stations, interchangeable dispensers and electric motors with micrometric adjustment.
  • Manual dosing machines: semi-automatic volumetric mechanical piston dosing machines that can be used for dosing both food and cosmetic products, liquids, pasty and high viscosity products; as they are manual, operation is energy-free. They integrate a manually operated mechanical dosing system without pneumatic or electric actuators, together with a liquid dosing kit for suctioning drums from the floor.
  • Metering pumps: mechanical piston metering pumps for transferring, feeding and conveying food products with even whole, pasty and high-density pieces, ideal for maintaining integrity while minimising mechanical handling thanks to their large product passageways and low operating speed even at high flow rates. Without valves, they feature large product passage ducts (DIN 65 or DIN 100) and a low operating speed even at high flow rates.


Carlo Migliavacca volumetric food dosing and filling machines offer maximum versatility! The innovative machinery of the Italian company is able to dose mixed products with large pieces and delicate, liquid and pasty products even with high viscosity, including jams with fruit pieces, sauces, gravies, condiments, homogeneous creams and with pieces in suspension , jams, mayonnaise, vegetable pâtés, etc. Discover all the information in detail by consulting the lists below.

  • Minestroni, caponate e zuppe di verdura
  • Ragù
  • Condimenti vari
  • Antipasti
  • Trippe
  • Insalate russe
  • Alimenti per piccoli animali
  • Mostarde
  • Funghi trifolati
  • Polpe e cubettati di frutta e verdura
  • Confetture con pezzi
  • Creme con parti in sospensione
  • Mango pickels
  • Oli, concentrati, passate
  • Succhi, nettari di frutta e verdura
  • Conserve e marmellate
  • Salse e creme
  • Baby foods
  • Latte condensato
  • Ketchup, maionese e salse a base di maionese
  • Paté
  • Miele
  • Prodotti pastosi in genere
  • Paste e creme fino a 12.000 CPS
  • Miele vergine a freddo
  • Paste lavamani
  • Paté di carne
  • Cioccolato bicolore

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